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What's All the Buzz About Hemp Oil?

What's All the Buzz About Hemp Oil?According to a market-research firm survey, 42% of people suffering from pain reported that they gave up pharmaceutical drugs in exchange for some form of hemp product. Why are people increasingly choosing hemp oil over their conventional pain treatment? Well, when looking at the benefits and lack of side effects, it is a no brainer! Hemp oil’s ability to treat chronic and damaging pain has been backed by extensive scientific evidence and it would be a disservice for us to not share it with you.

1.   In a 2013 study conducted by Rosenfield and Fine, doctors specialized in pain research and management, the naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp, also known as phytocannabinoids, proved to be highly efficient in the treatment of numerous chronic pain conditions in both animal and human studies

2.   An article published by Klein and Newton in 2007, members of the University of South Florida’s department of molecular medicine, showed that hemp regulates both physiological pain AND underlying inflammation.

3.   The American Association of Neurology published a paper in 2014 on the effectiveness of hemp oil on the pain relief associated with neurological disorders, such as MS.

4.   There are now over SIXTY Peer Review studies on the medicinal qualities of hemp extracts in various medical diseases.